You may receive different price quotes depending on a large number of factors. While it’s important to be aware of the overall cost of a transport, it’s also good to know why your quote may be higher or lower than you expected, and how you may be able to actually get a lower price quote depending on your individual situation.

Time of Year / Season

Different times of the year mean different levels of activity and demands on vehicle transport companies, as well as different road conditions that include safety of travel, congestion of traffic, and more. Depending on your area of the country where the vehicle originates, and where it’s going, those considerations will have different influences on your price; winter in Florida isn’t going to have the same estimate change as winter in Michigan, for example.


As mentioned above, traffic congestion on expected routes can have an impact on your estimate and the time necessary to provide full transport. While companies in good standing always choose and optimize their transport routes based on projections, there’s inevitably going to be some variance allowed for high and low trends of traffic on any given route. More traffic means higher costs.

Direction (North vs South)

It may cost more to ship from north to south, or the other way around, depending on the time of year. Again, this depends on the amount of orders, and the time that can be saved by transport companies that are seeing more traffic in one direction than another. Your rates may be lower during the winter months if you’re moving from south to north, for example, because there are so many people who are heading south to enjoy warmer climates during winter.

Shipping Options

Shipping options are one of the biggest influences on your estimate, and for good reason. A covered truck auto transport is guaranteed to keep your luxury vehicle or vintage car from being exposed to the elements as you move it across several states, but it’s also a more expensive form a transport. Likewise, if you have a customized shipping option for a single vehicle that has further requirements, the quote will go up. If you see a company quoting similar or identical prices for open transport or closed transport, chances are fairly good that they aren’t being honest with what your final price will be.

How to Save Money:

You’ll save more if you’re flexible on your scheduling. The tighter your scheduling, the higher your cost may be depending on the exact time of year and route. If you’re not in a serious rush to have a vehicle transported, ask a representative about when the cost of auto shipping may be lower. Honest companies will let you know.

Only work with companies with transparent cost structures. Aside from these considerations, hidden fees can definitely bloat your final bill. Work with auto shipping companies that guarantee no hidden costs, period.