Whether you’re shopping around for the right vehicle, or for services to transport that vehicle, you will always be on the hunt for the best price around. Consider, however, that the “best price” on a certain model of vehicle doesn’t always guarantee the best vehicle for your needs; a low cost car or truck may be a “steal” if you just look at the numbers, but if you look at any work that the vehicle may need, damage to that vehicle, or other considerations, suddenly it isn’t quote as good of a deal.

Likewise, when you’re shopping around for the best car shipping services and quotes, you will have to take a closer look at the quote itself. Here are a few things that you need to know about those “bottom dollar” price quotes that other companies provide, and why you need to be careful before trusting your vehicle to their care.

Not every company is honest about their quotes. One of the unfortunate truths about auto shipping companies, and companies in any industry, is that they’ll sometimes offer a generic, public quote, and then hit you with the real price at a point when you may not have time to consider other offers. Watch out for generic price quotes from representatives or online tools, and be especially careful if your vehicle transport is time sensitive. You never want to be left with few options when the clock is ticking.

Brokers and agents are middle-men, not transporters. A broker can offer you virtually any price at all, but they don’t handle the transportation, nor are they directly connected to the transporters. They instead take the quote and offer it to transporters, who consider, accept, or decline those costs. That means transport companies in these situations take the highest paying jobs first, and it means that your vehicle likely won’t be transported when you expect, if at all.

Hidden fees abound. Another peril of working with other auto shipping companies are hidden fees, which are, by definition, excluded from your quotes for shipping. Hidden fees can either be charged by the company doing the transport, or they may be attached to “terminal to terminal” shipping services, which will charge a terminal fee, or even a storage fee depending on the amount of time your vehicle spends at the terminal.

When you’re working with any auto shipping company, make sure your price quotes are guaranteed. Companies that are up front about the entire quote and estimate process will have no trouble breaking down the costs, as well as walking you through the process of how your vehicle will get from point A to point B.

If you find that representatives are evasive about answering your questions, or give you a lot of data that doesn’t seem to make sense or answer the questions that you’ve asked, chances are that you’re working with a company or broker that isn’t interested in providing high quality service.