When searching for auto shipping options, you will often come across the car transport options of “Door to Door,” or “Terminal to Terminal,” each with their own prices and availability. First, it’s important to point out the difference between the two. “Door to Door” refers to vehicle transport services which will pick your vehicle up at an address, and then deliver it to another address, hence from one door to another. This is one of the most popular options, and by far the more convenient of the two.

“Terminal to Terminal” refers to popular terminals for vehicle storage and transport, and are used in other situations whenever a client or customer chooses. They’re often more affordable than the “Door to Door” option, but they require that the vehicle be brought to one Terminal location, and then picked up wherever it is received. In addition, there’s the aforementioned storage, which may be necessary to use if a vehicle can’t be picked up and delivered to a destination terminal right away.

Advantages of Terminal to Terminal:

May be cheaper, if you’re looking to transport a vehicle on a budget. Terminal to terminal doesn’t require street travel in cities, for example, and has lower overall travel distance and time due to pre-established and reliable routes of transport. There’s also less variance in delivery times.

May be better for locations where a carrier truck won’t work. The trucks used to transport cars are tall, and long, which means that they can’t go everywhere. That could mean that a car hauler simply cannot reach your destination. In those situations you would need to use a Terminal to Terminal option. Some carriers may also make arrangements to drop your vehicle off at a parking lot or other location you can reach, of course. Speak with a representative about your options.

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Also cheaper, but for different reasons. Terminal to Terminal can be more affordable, when it’s efficient, but often times a vehicle will need to be put into storage, which you will have to pay for. With Door to Door shipping, you won’t have to pay any storage fees. In fact, in most cases, the Door to Door choice will be more affordable when storage is accounted for.

Convenience Terminals may not be located near your residence or business, or you may be waiting on a vehicle that is your primary/only vehicle to arrive. In those situations, it makes more sense to have the vehicle delivered to you. Otherwise you may need to get a friend to drive you, or pay for a taxi.

Ultimately, the choice is yours as a consumer, but in a majority of cases for auto transport, Door to Door delivery is recommended to save both on time and on money. Corporate car fleet delivery and other specialty, customized jobs have their own considerations for deliver; again, speaking with a representative gives you a more in-depth comparison of your options and costs.